Uploading your agency documents to the hub.

Clients and third parties can now sign care management documentation electronically. This means all documents can live within Birdie, on a client's profile. First, you need to upload your agency documents to the hub.

What documents should I upload?

Rather than uploading forms which already have client details on them, you should amend your document templates so that you are then able to upload generic documents which can be added to all client files.

We recommend removing the name, date, and signature panels on your documents, before uploading them. This is because these fields will not be brought to you by Birdie. An example can be seen below:

When you’re assessing a new client and throughout the care delivery journey, there are plenty of documents that require client signatures. Usually consent forms, which at the moment, you have to present on paper and get signed during an initial visit or subsequent reviews.

Your agency has its own documents and these cover things such as:

  • Consent to care and treatment

  • Consent to share information

  • Terms and conditions of service delivery

Where do I upload these documents?

On the agency hub, click on your profile symbol in the top right corner of the screen. The menu will drop down and you can now see the “Upload documents” button. Click on this button.

Once on this page, you can upload your documents, as shown in this GIF:

  • Click on the upload icon and your files will open.

  • Select the file you want to upload. It must be in PDF format.
    (Please see this article to learn how to convert a word document to a PDF)

  • Once the file has uploaded it will appear below, along with the date of upload, along with a document ID that we generate at the point of uploading.

I have uploaded my agency documents, what now?

Check out this article to understand how to collect signatures electronically.

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