We know how important it is for your carers to have a clear and easy to follow support plan for their call. This will help ensure that they deliver care that is safe and effective, and can then be easily audited by you.

Similarly, we have to ensure that support plans are easy to update and change to respond rapidly to your clients' needs.

To address these areas, we have the Visit Planning feature.

Visit Planning is the place where you are breaking your client's support plan down into individual care visits, and instructing the carers on the exact tasks and medication they are responsible for reporting.

This means that carers will check into their call and immediately see their tasks and medications in the order you have placed.

Carers cannot check out of a call without recording the outcomes of all the medications in their visit plan. Meaning, you will never have a medication missed due to 'no record of administration'.

As long as all the most accurate and current information has been added to a visit plan, you will essentially never have a 'not recorded' error for your medication, and you can therefore log all the medication the client is on, even if you are not responsible for them.

Your auditing immediately improves with the tool as you can assign tasks and medications to individual carers, and so can audit best practice in recording tasks and medications, as well as punctuality and visit lengths.

Remember to use Visit Planning in tandem with your rostering provider.

Get a deeper dive into the differences between Visit Planning and your rostering system by clicking on me!

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