The Funding tab lets you do lots of useful things like setting up payers and invoicing rates, creating contracts, linking care recipients to contracts through purchase orders.

But how do you keep track of the hours of care you deliver, and make sure not to go above the number of hours that payers have agreed to fund?

The answer is, by assigning contracts and service types to visits, essentially selecting a funding source for each visit.

To do this, go into your Clients tab, select the relevant client, then head into their Visits section. This is where you can see all the visits you have already scheduled for the client, and add new ones too.

Setting the funding information for a new visit

To schedule a new visit, click on Add visit, and follow the visit creation workflow.

You will be asked to select the frequency and time of the new visit you are scheduling, to define a start date and maybe an end date also, to set the number of carers required for this visit, and finally, to specify the contract funding the visit and the service type covered.

A dropdown menu will appear, showing you the various contracts the care recipient is associated with.

If you don't see any options on the drop down, this means you still need to create a purchase order for this care recipient.

Select the contract and service types that the new visit falls under. If you charge/pay different rates for different service types, you'll need to create one purchase order per service type.

The Birdie Platform will then keep track of all the hours of care delivered under every contract and for every client on the system, making invoicing a breeze down the line!

Setting the funding information for an existing visit

If you scheduled visits on the system before it was possible to assign contracts and service types to visits, don't worry!

You can either cancel those visits and schedule new ones following the above workflow, or you can go into the visits you have already scheduled.

Select a visit and click on Edit in the right hand menu, then choose More options and select Set funding information. The funding you choose will apply to the entire visit schedule, e.g. the daily lunchtime visits you are looking at.

That's it! In just a few clicks, you can ensure that the visits you schedule fall under a specific contract, so you can keep track of the hours of care you deliver and invoice the payers for them in just a few clicks down the line.

If you don't have access to these features yet, check out this page to find out more about the new Birdie Platform.

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