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How to configure specific rates for waiting time
How to configure specific rates for waiting time
You can configure explicit rates for waiting time within Birdie.
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You can now configure whether or not you want to pay a rate for waiting time, in much the same way as you can do with travel time.

You will set 'Waiting Time' on a travel rate card level, so if you have some care professionals who have a different arrangement, (i.e. in TUPE situations quite commonly, for instance) you can have two different rate cards with different logic - pending the individual requirements.

For how to create and assign travel rate cards, please read the article here.

How can I configure waiting time details?

Go to the Finance tab and click the Travel rates tab. Then click New Travel Rate in the top right-hand corner of the screen. If you already have a travel rate set up you can update existing them by clicking the three dots and clicking Edit.

When creating a new travel rate, you will now see a toggle to specify whether you want to include waiting time in travel payments.

If this is switched to 'Yes' Birdie will apply the rate you have specified for travel time to the waiting time that occurs with each visit.

You will also notice you can opt to pay both commuting time and commuting mileage. This aims to provide the flexibility required to cover all eventualities regardless of how a specific branch or set of branches choose to handle commuting journeys.


What is a break?

is 'break' is a way of defining whether or not travel time and/or mileage should be paid because the carer is travelling between visits, or whether the journey that the carer is doing is actually considered 'commuting to and from their work place' after that defined break (1 hour break, for instance).

What is commuting time?

Commuting time is considered to be any journey from home to first visit and any journey from home to last visit. Commuting time is also considered to be any commuting done between visits (any amount of time above a defined break, for example).

What is waiting time?

Waiting time is the time between arriving at a visit and the visit actually starting. For instance, if a care professional arrives to a visit 10 minutes early, that 10 minutes it waiting time.

Please note: This is available as part of the Birdie Platform. If interested in learning more or accessing these features, please get in touch with your Account Manager!

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