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How to notify your care professionals about rota updates via birdie [beta]
How to notify your care professionals about rota updates via birdie [beta]
Quickly notify your care professionals about any upcoming changes to their rota - via the agency hub.
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Please note: the following is part of a limited beta. Stay tuned for more on this feature.

birdie is enabling you to communicate any rota or schedule updates quickly and directly to care professionals - via the agency hub.

How to send an update to care professionals

In the rostering page of your agency hub, first make any necessary changes to your rota. Once happy with those changes, you have the ability to communicate these changes directly from this rostering tab.

You will see a button called ‘notify caregivers' on the top right-hand corner. Click on this button.

This will open up a new menu, as below:

Here, you’ll have the option to:

Select who to notify:

  • You can choose to notify all caregivers or hand-pick one or more specific care professionals - i.e. if there are specific people impacted by the rota changes, this allows you to communicate only to impacted team members.

  • Those who are 'not contactable' will be clearly labeled, in the case they have notifications disabled or are not on the correct app version, for instance.

  • Simply use the tickboxes to make your selection.

Choose the date or date range you wish to notify them about:

  • You can use the date selector at the top to identify the individual date or date range you wish to update the care professionals about. i.e. if you have made a change to the rota on 04 April 2023, you can choose to notify them about that specific date.

Once you are happy with your selection, click ‘notify caregivers.’ The number of people you are sending updates to will be clearly outlined in the button.

Please note: We recommend you make all your changes and then notify your care professionals about the final rota version - rather than notifying after each individual change.

Any notifications you send will be recorded in the ‘History’ tab. This will provide you with an audit trail of who has been notified and for what date or dates.

How to view rota updates in the carer app

When a care coordinator or another member of your office staff chooses to notify care professionals about any rota change (via the above), that care professional or set of care professionals will then receive a notification on their mobile device.

This notification will be labeled ‘Rota update’ and will highlight the date the update is about, i.e. 'April 4-6.'

The professional can then click on this notification.

When clicked, it will take them to the first date of the impacted or changed rota within the birdie app.

From there they can review their rota and ensure they have the latest information or have identified any changed.

How to enable notifications on your birdie app

To get the most out of this feature, please ensure you staff enables all types of notifications on their phones. For step-by-step instruction on how to do this, read this help centre article.

Prefer to watch a video? No problem! Check it out below.

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