To make a deposit, you will have to visit the “Deposit” section in your Dashboard. Here you can find a special window where you set your own loan terms; then the system finds you a relevant Individual loan.

  1. Enter the amount you want to invest

  2. Set the loan term

  3. Click or tap on “Find Borrower”

The system will automatically find you a borrower and activate the loan.

The minimum loan amount is $10 with between a 10 and 90 days term. Your profit percentage depends directly on your account rating and the loan term.

You can issue an unlimited number of loans. Your daily profit will be automatically added to your Balance and displayed in the Transactions section of your Dashboard.

Once the loan terms has expired, the whole deposit amount will be refunded to your Balance. You cannot withdraw this amount until the loan term expires. However, your daily profit is available for withdrawal at any time.

The Business loan terms are different. The loan term is between 90 and 360 days; the minimum investment amount is $100. Profit percentage may vary depending on a given loan terms. You can always find relevant information about a particular Business loan in its menu.

A Business loan is a group loan – it involves the whole group of lenders that raise the necessary loan amount. You can invest in such a loan an unlimited number of times until the whole amount is raised.

You Business loan profits are also automatically added to your balance and displayed in the Transactions section of your Dashboard. Once the loan terms has expired, the whole investment amount is refunded to your Balance and becomes available for withdrawal.

In order to invest a in a Business loan, you need to select the loan you’re interested in and and enter the the amount you’re willing to invest. Then use the “Create deposit” button. Your daily profits will be credited to your account every 24 hours.

You might have noticed an additional profit percentage added to the loan terms. This percentage depends on your account rating. Every 0.1 rating score gives you an additional 0.01% to your profits.

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