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How to buy crypto 🚀
How to buy crypto 🚀

Learn how to buy Crypto at Bitinvestor

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Go to our Buy Crypto page and choose how much money you want to invest. Fill in your personal information and cryptocurrency address. If your personal information is not correct you will be declined when paying and the order will be cancelled.

If you don’t know your cryptocurrency address, we’ve made a guide on how to create one.


Credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay: Press ‘pay’ and fill in your payment details.

Bank transfer: open your internet bank and create a bank transfer. Remember to include the payment reference with the bank transfer. This way, we can identify that it’s a transfer from you that we’ve received.

Receive your crypto

As soon as we receive the money from your payment we will send your cryptocurrency. This happens immediately with all payment methods except bank transfer, where it takes up to 30 minutes.

Buy Cryptocurrency

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