You may enable four types of payment methods on the Bitpace platform as below:

1. Fix deposit (formerly named Payment):

This method is used for collecting payment for a specific amount in exchange for a product or service. The price of your product or service is fixed for a certain period of time. Therefore, the fixed deposit method has a specific amount and timeout duration for a transaction to be accepted. This is more of a point-of-sale method.

2. Dynamic deposit (formerly named Deposit):

There is no time or amount limit set other than the specified minimum transaction amount. This method allows your customers to top-up their account on your system as a merchant via using Bitpace.

3. Trade Coin (Deposit Options):

In the merchant panel, there is a feature called Trade Coin. With this feature, merchants are able to buy, sell, withdraw or deposit cryptocurrencies to their balance. With this feature, your customer can send cryptocurrency to your deposit wallet address, too.

4. Receive Payment:

You may create a URL link to receive cryptocurrency from your customer. To create a URL, you should type the amount, customer name & surname, and customer mail address. Once merchants' users click on the URL, they are redirected to the page where they can select cryptocurrency. After selecting cryptocurrency, customers can send the required amount to the displayed wallet address.


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