We are a cryptocurrency broker, not a wallet.

We are a cryptocurrency broker and we should be seen as a fiat currency exchange platform that allows you to buy, sell and exchange different currencies.

Similar to a fiat currency exchange platform, we do not hold any funds and are unable to offer market spot rates for this reason.

In fact, we do not control our customers' wallets or their private keys. This is why it is important that our customers understand how to manage their cryptocurrencies storage themselves.

When using our platform you simply connect your wallet(s) to your account to use our services. This means that your cryptocurrencies remain on the wallet(s) that you manage and will only go through our platform when you are exchanging or selling cryptocurrencies.

Choosing a wallet to store your cryptocurrencies in is a very important step before deciding to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets can come in a variety of different forms: on the desktop, mobile, web, paper and hardware.

For more information on choosing the right wallet to store your cryptocurrencies, here’s a handy guide bitcoin.org on ‘how to choose your bitcoin wallet.’

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