In order to register your company, please upload the following documents into your Bity dashboard :

  • The Bity registration company form completed and signed. Once logged in Bity account, you can find it here: Bity Registration Company Form

    - Each section (1 to 7) must be completed and ticked if needed. Incomplete or incorrect forms will be automatically rejected

    - Signature must be handwritten

  • The Ultimate Beneficial Owner form completed.

    Please make sure all information in part 1 ( below ) is about an individual person and in part 2 only put the company's full name.

  • A proof of address for your company (office rental agreement, utility bill or a bank statement issued within the past three months)

  • A copy of an excerpt from the commercial register (not older than 12 months). If this document is not available, a similar corporate charter document (i.e certificate of incorporation, certificate of incumbency, memorandum of association or the founding acts) with the articles of association (or other founding documents).

  • For all the authorized signatories please upload the following:

  1. A copy of a valid ID or passport

  2. A recent personal picture (selfie) holding the passport/ID.

  3. A proof of address (utility bill or a bank statement (issued within the past three months)

In order to upload your documents, please use the following link while logged in your profile:

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