How do I register my company?

Company registration

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In order to register your company, please upload the below documents into your Bity dashboard. Go to the dashboard page (login to your account to unlock it), then go to the Profile tab and choose Legal Entity. Please use the click here button to upload any additional documents.

  • THE BITY REGISTRATION COMPANY FORM fully filled and signed. Once logged into your Bity account, you can find it here: Bity Registration Company Form

    - Each section (1 to 7) has to be completed and ticked if needed. Incomplete or incorrect forms will be automatically rejected

    - Signature has to be handwritten

    - All authorized signatories (individual or collective signature) have to be listed under the section 5

  • THE ULTIMATE BENEFICIAL OWNER form fully filled.

    ​- Please make sure all information in part 1 (image below) is related to the physical person(s). In part 2 (image below) only fill the entity's name (remove any other names).

    - If more than one beneficiary, you can add as many as you want using the Add another button and follow the same process referred above concerning the part 1.

  • A PROOF OF ADDRESS FOR YOUR COMPANY(utility bill or a bank statement - IBAN/account number has to be visible too - issued within the past three months)

  • A COPY OF THE EXTRACT FROM THE COMMERCIAL REGISTER (not older than 12 months). If this document is not available, a similar corporate charter document (i.e certificate of incorporation, certificate of incumbency, memorandum of association or the founding acts) with the articles of association (or other founding documents).

  • For all the authorized signatories please upload the following documents:

  1. A COPY OF A VALID ID or passport (documents containing the MRZ code only)

  2. A RECENT SELFIE holding the uplaoded passport/ID.

  3. A PROOF OF ADDRESS (utility bill or a bank statement - BAN/account number has to be visible too - issued within the past three months)

  • For all beneficiaries (listed on the Ultimate Beneficial Owner form) also upload the following document:

  1. A COPY OF A VALID ID or passport (documents containing the MRZ code only)

Note: Please keep in mind that other documents can be requested to you, depending of the type of entity and the jurisdiction in question.

As soon as your account has been reviewed, you will need to execute a purchase order (min. 10 CHF/EUR) and send us the funds from a bank account under the company's name. As soon as the purchase order is confirmed as executed we'll be able to upgrade your account.

In case we have to perform a video session with you depending of certain requirements you will be contacted directly by our compliance team. If you simply prefer this second option please contact our support by clicking on the blue chat bubble at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen when visiting our platform.

In case you can proceed with the first option, we advise you to do so, since we have to deal with many video session requests and it will only delay your account verification.

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