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Selling crypto: why is my payment taking so long or was refunded?
Selling crypto: why is my payment taking so long or was refunded?

Payment refunded or taking too long

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Your selling (crypto to fiat) order may take longer than usual for the following reasons:

  • The first and last name you provided on the Bity interface does not match the bank account holder's first and last name registered with this bank, so the bank reversed / refused the order.

  • Your bank or service provider refused the payment. Your payment will be refunded to our bank account. In this case, we need another bank account to send your funds to. If this happens, you will be contacted by our team. They will ask you to provide another bank account where we can send your funds. This process must be completed by us manually, and that's why it may take some extra time.

  • You placed your order with a specific amount and sent us a different one.

  • If you don't use enough fees the transactions will not reach the minimum number of confirmations, and without those the conversion order is not executed.

To avoid refused and refunded payments:

  • Please make sure that the bank or service provider you fill as the payment destination accepts payments from crypto service providers before opening your order with us. To do this, please check your bank or service provider's terms and conditions before using them for crypto orders.

We are a reliable, licensed, and regulated crypto finance service provider and brokerage with strong, trusted relationships built with many Swiss banking branches. A situation where a bank refuses payment from our company is very rare, but it can happen.

โ€‹List of popular banks and service providers that currently do not accept crypto related funds:

  • Payoneer

  • Wise ( TransferWise )

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