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What should I do if I sent cryptocurrencies but didn't receive any cash back?
What should I do if I sent cryptocurrencies but didn't receive any cash back?

Withdraw issue

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It’s important to first note that until the transaction is confirmed, you will be unable to cash out the value that is available on the redeem ticket. Once the transaction has received 1 confirmation, your money will be ready for redemption.

There are a number of reasons why a transaction may not be paid, however, usually processing delays are the main cause of the issue. If you’ve waited for more than 3 hours, simply check online on the blockchain the number of confirmations associated to your transaction.

When a delay is not the cause of a payout issue, the following technical issues may have occurred:

  • Unfortunately the ATM doesn’t have enough cash currently to complete the transaction. You can redeem your funds at any of our other crypto ATM locations near you. You can view all our crypto ATM locations here. Please make sure the status of the ATM is currently online and available before visiting that location for withdraw.

  • The cryptocurrency amount that was transferred to our deposit wallet was:

  1. larger or smaller than the amount specified on your redeem ticket,

  2. sent in multiple transactions, or

  3. sent after the time limit displayed on the kiosk.

All of these will cause errors and your payment will be marked as invalid. In that case, contact our support team that will review your issue and tell you how to proceed.

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