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KYC-less/account-less orders
How do I buy cryptocurrencies KYC-less/account-less?
How do I buy cryptocurrencies KYC-less/account-less?

Buy crypto without an account

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You can buy crypto up to CHF 1,000 per day without being registered on in 5 easy steps:

1. Access our exchange platform and click on the Place Order button in order to access that menu.

2. Choose the correct currencies and payment method (Instant Payment only available for verified users), the amount in question and the type of Receiving address.

3. Fill the sender details (email address - optional - and the IBAN to be used to complete the payment) then click on Continue.

4. Complete the Signature step (depending on the type of receiving wallet and if it is the first time you're using this address, the process can be slightly different). You can find our guides after the step 6.

5. Send the payment to our bank (the payment reference is mandatory, please don't forget to add it to your wire details, otherwise your funds are automatically sent back to you and fees may apply):

6. Confirm that you made the payment (optional).

You can find our Signature guides for all available cryptocurrencies here: BTC, ETH_USDC_USDT, LTC, NYM and ICP.

Check the status of your order to know when it will be confirmed.

If you want to do more than CHF 1,000 per day, please register on

Here are the features you have access to with a Bity account:

  • Find the history of your orders in your Bity dashboard

  • Bookmark your IBAN(s) and crypto addresses to place your orders faster

  • Fees are lower with a verified Bity account

  • Unlock other currencies

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