You can swap crypto up to CHF 1,000 per day without being registered on in 7 easy steps:

1. Choose the amount and currency you want to send and receive directly from our homepage and click on the place order button

2. Select 'Continue as guest' at the login prompt

3. Verify that the amounts correspond to what you wish to place

4. Select a crypto currency wallets, like "Ledger" in case you have one and some details will be automatically filled on the next page, otherwise select "Other".

5. Fill your crypto address and email address (optional)

6. Proceed to the signing verification process (if you use a crypto currency wallet, this process happens automatically). Want to know more about how to sign a transaction, click here for the BTC signature guide or here for the ETH one.

7. Send us your funds. In order to have guaranteed rates you will have to respect the 10 minutes window ( avoid sending us the funds from other exchanges, as those movements will most likely end up as cancelled orders ) and send us the correct amount ( if underpaid order, it is re-calculated and executed as long as the received amount on our side is greater than the minimum amount allowed: 0.002 BTC / 0.01 ETH / 0.2 LTC; if overpaid, the order is automatically cancelled ).

8. Confirm that you made the payment (optional) and you are all set!

Check the status of your order to know when it will be confirmed.

If you want to do more than CHF 1,000 per day, please register on

Here are the features you have access to with a Bity account:

  • Find the history of your orders in your Bity dashboard

  • Bookmark your IBAN(s) and crypto addresses to place your orders faster

  • Fees are lower with a verified Bity account

  • Unlock other currencies

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