There are a number of wallets that can be used to import your XMR from a paper wallet to a software wallet. Below are the instructions to use Cake Wallet for this purpose:

  1. Download and install Cake Wallet app (Android or iOS)

  2. Click on ”Restore wallet”

  3. Select ”Restore from seed/keys” and setup a PIN code

  4. (a) Chose “Monero” and Enter your seed (25 words that are on your XMR paper wallet)
    (b) Indicate a restoration from date (Enter a date one day before you made your purchase on the ATM)

  5. Click on “Restore” and wait a few minutes

    That’s it, your XMR are being imported imported into your Cake Wallet!

    Important notes:

    1) Never show or send your QR code/Private keys to anyone
    You must be the only one who knows it

    2) Do not trust anyone on the internet asking you to send them your cryptos and that they will trade it for you and make you earn money

    3) Keep your tickets safe, if you have any issue with your transaction they will be asked by our Support

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