Message signing is simply proving ownership of your crypto address.

Please note that the signing option is not available for all types of wallets.

If you use Ledger, Trezor, Bitbox02 or Metamask, the process has been automatized and integrated to the placing order menu, simply choose the one you are using.

How to sign an Ethereum message, using MyEtherWallet on PC ( ) :

- After filling the requested fields (your IBAN, full name and BTC address) you will get the message to sign:

→ Click "copy message" and open your MyEtherWallet dashboard

→ Access your wallet by choosing one of the options:

→ Go to "Message" and select "Sign message"

→ Paste the message previously copied from your Bity page, click on "Sign" and confirm it.

Copy the Signature from the MEW page, starting after "sig", without the characters " " like in the example above, which in this case would be from "668... until ...21c"

→ Last step, paste it in your Bity order and click on "Continue".

That's it, your order can now be finalized!

We also suggest using the below wallet applications and checking out their individual tutorial pages to learn more:

If you have any questions or issues during the signing process, you can contact our support by clicking on the blue chat bubble at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen when visiting our platform.

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