With Blackbell, you can sell your services in few ways, including: 

  • Direct: Customers will discover and order your items from your own website URL or app, built with Blackbell. 
  • Via a marketplace: Customers will discover and order your items from the marketplace website URL or app, built with Blackbell.

We cover below: 

  1. Online Payment: what's happening when a customer pays online ?
  2. Payout method: how to withdraw money out of Blackbell ?
  3. Fees related to online payments
  4. Fees related to withdrawing money out of Blackbell

1. Online Payment explained

Step 1: A customer buys your product or service
Step 2: Blackbell integrated payment system process the charge
Step 3: The amount is instantly added to the section "available soon" in your Balance
Step 4: 7 days after the charge, the amount is added to section "available now" in your Balance 

You can withdraw your available Balance via a payout.

2. Payout method explained

You can withdraw your balance to the payout method of your choice: your bank account or Stripe account:

Your Bank account
In Europe (EUR), in United Stated (USD), in United Kingdom (GBP), in rest of the world to 45 countries currencies.

Your Stripe account
Stripe is a secure online account where we can send your money. In Stripe, you can setup your Bank account to ultimately receive your money.

3. Fees related to Online payments 

To help Blackbell run smoothly and to cover the costs of the products and services we provide, like live chat customer support, payments dispatch, refunds reconciliation and fraud prevention - we charge a service fee when a booking is confirmed. 

In addition, a payment transaction fee is charged for payment processing.

Direct Sales:

A Blackbell Service Fee and a Payment Transaction Fee 

Marketplace Sales:

Supplier side: Blackbell Service Fee and a Payment Transaction Fee 

  • The Blackbell service Fee is 1% of the confirmed booking.
  • The Payment Transaction Fee is typically 2.9% + 30cts.

Marketplace side side:  Blackbell Service Fee 

  • The Blackbell service Fee is 20% of the commission payout. 

4. Fees related to Payouts

Your fees depend on your payout method.

If via Stripe: there is no fees.
If via direct to your Bank account:
 Learn more about this variable fee here.


For a more detailed approach, including VAT consideration, you can download the following spreadsheet and adapt it with the update above documentation.

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