You can create a specific type of product or service, to accommodate scenarios when price depends on 2 variables. For example: number of people and number of hours.

What it looks like

In the example below, imagine that booking a meeting room costs $10 / person / hour.

  • If you are 2 adults for 2 hours, it will cost you $40 (example below)

  • If you are 3 adults for 3 hours, it will cost you $90

How to create this product

  • Create a new product 

  • Under setup, set price to be "No base price" 

  • Under "booking steps", add  "Participant Booking form"

  • Create 2 fields: People & another unit that can be "Number of hours"

  • The total price will be calculated by multiplying the 2 variables selected with the price

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