Here is how you can setup a calendar for your Room Service department. 


What it looks like

How to setup

1. Create a calendar (Path: E-Commerce > Calendars)

  • Name: Room Service 

  • Availability: Set opening hours (Monday to Friday, from 10am to 3pm )

  • Blocked dates: Add period during which your kitchen is closed

  • Max per slot: Leave empty

  • Max per day: Leave empty

2. Associate to a product ( ex. Sushi )

  • Open product and click on Calendar 

  • Link: yes, to calendar Room Service

  • Event duration: no

  • Availability increments: we recommend 15 mins 

  • Buffer before event: Leave empty

  • Buffer after event: Leave empty

  • Booking rules availability: depends on your operations

  • Minimum schedule notice: depends on your operations

3. Associate to all products at once

  • Select all Room Service products under E-Commerce > Services (use page / department filters if needed)

  • Click on "Bulk action" button

  • Apply same calendar settings as "Sushi"

All your products are now ready to be booked.


Video Tutorial 

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