The "Bulk Action" feature lets you edit calendar settings for multiple services, all at once. 


You must first properly setup one service. For ex. "Californian Massage"

  • Open "Californian Massage" > Calendar

  • Link this service to the correct calendar(s)

  • Setup event duration, availability increments, buffer before / after event, extra time 

  • Setup booking rules availability, schedule notice

How to edit in bulk

  • Go to E-Commerce > Manage > Services 

  • Select all services you want to edit with same Calendar settings than "Californian Massage". You can use filters such as Page / Department. 

  • Click on "Bulk Action"

  • Select action: "Update associated calendar"

  • Find in dropdown the "Californian Massage"

  • Click "Apply Changes"

  • It's done ! 


Video tutorial



  • Make sure that all services should have exactly the same calendar settings - including Event Duration

  • The calendar bulk action will replace previously setup calendar parameters for selected services. There is no undo. 

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