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Our Affiliate Program is the easiest way to become a Blackbell Partner. It is a referral program in which you introduce new customers to Blackbell.


How it works

  • You: For each new paying customer you bring to Blackbell, you will earn money during the whole time of their customer relationship with us. The amount of money you’ll receive is 20% of Blackbell's subscription income received from the customers referred by you. 

  • Your friends: Your friends who sign up to a paid Blackbell plan will get 25% off their monthly subscription for 4 months ie. the equivalent of one month FREE. 

The more customers and individual users you find, the more money you make.  Also, if a customer that you initially refer to us, later upgrades to a more advanced plan, you will automatically benefit again.


How to refer friends 

Sign up to Blackbell 

You can sign up to any plan to start referring customers, including the FREELANCER plan.  

You can find your unique referral link in your admin platform. You can share it via email or as you want. 

Path: Settings > Refer us

Add a Blackbell sign-up block to your Blackbell site

You can add a sign-up block to your Blackbell site. All apps created from this sign-up block will be considered as your referees. 

CMS: Use the "Sign-up to Blackbell" block and add it to any page



How to get paid

To get paid, you must connect a Stripe account to your platform. Referral fees will be wired to your Stripe account directly.

You will be notified about each payment by email.

What if you don't / can't have a Stripe account? 

Unfortunately, we can only pay you if you have a Stripe account. But even if do not have one, feel free to share your referral code for the benefit of your friends.


Note for marketplace builders

If you are building a marketplace with Blackbell, all the suppliers you invite are instantly on the FREE plan.

If they activate a more advanced plan, your referral coupon will automatically apply to them and therefore, you will receive 20% of Blackbell's subscription income received from your suppliers. 


In other words, there is no possible downside for you, only upside.

Spread the ❤️ today 

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