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Guide for suppliers: How to join a marketplace built on Blackbell
Guide for suppliers: How to join a marketplace built on Blackbell
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You've been invited to join a Blackbell marketplace. Here is a guide to help you get started. 

Video Tutorial

This video explains you very clearly how to join a marketplace built on Blackbell. 


As soon as you receive an email invite, just click on "Get Started". You'll be taken to start your onboarding. 


Follow those simple steps to get into your platform. 

You'll need to approve Blackbell terms as Blackbell is the underlying platform behind your marketplace. 

Once your onboarding is done, you'll get to your content section. 

You will see a direct link to reach the marketplace application once your content is finalized. 

From the topbar, at all time, you can access: 

  • Your marketplace guidelines

  • A video tutorial to help you get going

Complete the setup to start adding your content. 

✅  Connecting a Stripe or Transferwise account is mandatory if you want to join a Blackbell marketplace. 

Make sure to connect your Stripe or Transferwise account during your Content setup. 

Add your content

Here is an example of a page:

Feel free to browse our help center to learn how to manage your content.

Join the marketplace

Once your content is finalized, you can reach the marketplace application in 2 ways: 

  • By clicking in the topbar 

  • By reaching the marketplace application from the Sell via Marketplaces section

Here is how a marketplace application looks like 

  • About marketplace

In the "about" section, learn more about the marketplace and tell a bit about you and your motivation to join this platform.
Share any information that you find useful: website, social media, contact details...

  • Application

Marketplace guidelines: Those are the marketplace guidelines. Make sure to read those guidelines and honor them or you may not be approved by the marketplace owner. 

Commission: Set the commission you agree to share with the marketplace. (Must be >= of the % set by marketplace)

Page: Select the page you would like to push to this marketplace. As a supplier, you are limited to one page so you'll get one choice. 

  • Supplier form

Under the supplier form section, you'll see all fields your marketplace requests you to fill out. This will help the marketplace categorize its suppliers and this will help customers filter their search results when browsing the marketplace website. 

Example of search panel 

  • Review

Make sure to carefully review your information and page before sending it to the marketplace.
Of course, at all time and even after submitting your application, you'll be able to edit your page and products. But you never have a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression.

When you feel ready click on "Submit application"

Right after being submitted, the status will show "to review" ("to" review from the marketplace perspective)


You've finalized your application


What happens next? 

The marketplace will now review your completed application.
They have 2 options: 

  • Get in touch with you if they have a question or would like you to modify content 

  • Instantly approve your application

The moment the marketplace approves your application, here is the email you'll receive. 

How to upgrade to more content & features 

Your limitation

As a supplier of a marketplace, you have some limitations: 

  • You are limited to 1 page 

  • You can only add up to 4 products & services to your page

  • You cannot have access to the following features that may be listed in your platform: SMS & phone alerts / Utilities / Coupons...

How to upgrade

To add more content (pages / services), unlock additional features and be able to sell via multiple marketplaces, you can easily upgrade to more advanced plans.

Go to Settings > Plan & Billing and select a more advanced plan. Full features can be read here

The +: You'll automatically benefit from a month free because as you have been invited by your marketplace. So its referral code instantly applies 🚀.

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