Here is how you can setup a calendar to rent Ski equipment. 


What it looks like

How to setup

1. Create a calendar (Path: Orders > Calendars)

  • Name: Ski Rental

  • Slots type: Select "Full day slots"

  • Availability: Set available days (Monday to Friday for example - Closed on week-end)

  • Blocked dates: Add period during which your shop is closed

  • Max per slot: Depends on your inventory

  • Max per day: Depends on your inventory

2. Associate to Ski Rental service 

  • Open Content and create a service to rent Ski Equipment 

  • Link: yes, to calendar with day slots - Select Ski Rental

  • Min days: depends on your operations

  • Max days: depends on your operations

  • Booking rules availability: depends on your operations

  • Minimum schedule notice: depends on your operations

✅  Price must be set per day. Total price will be calculated once customer select his number of days


Video Tutorial

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