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Add Blackbell Buy Buttons to your existing website
Add Blackbell Buy Buttons to your existing website

Sell via Wordpress, Squarespace, Tumblr

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The Blackbell Buy Button is a great way to add ecommerce to any website. You can use it to sell your products & services on WordPress, Tumblr, Squarespace, on your own self-hosted website, or anywhere else. 

Adding a buy button to your website is very simple and you get all the power and reliability of the Blackbell platform.

Example of use

Here’s an example. Say you’ve built an informative website with a standard web builder, and you now want to sell sports classes to your audience


1 - Create / login to your Blackbell platform

2 - Create one / multiple service(s) on Blackbell to sell your classes

3 - Login to your website interface

4 - Copy the Blackbell embed code (JS Snippet) into your website admin interface

5 - Add a button or link to your website page where you want to sell the service and link it to the Blackbell service URL

It's done! Your service will open in a pop up modal like this. 

The "Book now" button is linked to a Blackbell URL and opens as a modal inside your website

You’ll still manage all of your pages in your website, but you’ll have Blackbell to manage everything else: payments, secure checkout, calendar, orders manager— all the hard things about selling online.

How to find the Blackbell JS Snippet

Path: E-Commerce > Settings > Utilities > Sell via Website

Simply copy the code and add it to your website. You may want to contact your website administrator to know where to add JS Snippets. 

The moment the code is added, all the links to Blackbell from your website will open as pop up.

Good to know

  • The modal is fully responsive, so it looks great on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

  • You can sell more than one product / service: We have included an embedded shopping cart, so visitors to your website can buy multiple products at once, or come back later to checkout.

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