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The Blackbell Wordpress Plugin is a great way to add e-commerce to your website.
You can use it to sell your products & services. You also benefit from other Blackbell tools to manage order and promote your business.

User experience demo:

How to get started

Here’s an example. Say you’ve built an informative website with a standard web builder, and you now want to sell sports classes to your audience


1 - Create / login to your Blackbell platform

2 - Create one / multiple service(s) on Blackbell to sell your classes

3 - Install the Blackbell Sell Services plugin :

4 - In the plugin settings page, add the URL of your Blackbell app:

5 - Add a button or link to your website page where you want to sell the service and link it to the Blackbell service URL

It's done! Your service will open in a pop up modal like this. 

The "Book now" button is linked to a Blackbell URL and opens as a modal inside your website

You’ll still manage all of your pages in your wordpress, but you’ll have Blackbell to manage everything else: payments, secure checkout, calendar, orders manager— all the hard things about selling online.

Good to know

  • The modal is fully responsive, so it looks great on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

  • You can sell more than one product / service: We have included an embedded shopping cart, so visitors to your website can buy multiple products at once, or come back later to checkout.

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