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Shorten your response times with saved replies
Shorten your response times with saved replies
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Your customers are probably asking the same questions again and again. This means replying to them in the same way again and again. Dealing with the same customer queries over and over again can be time consuming. This is where Blackbell's saved replies really help.

Saved replies shorten your response time while, keeping your responses personalized.

Insert a saved reply

You can insert saved replies when chatting about an order or via the live chat. 

To send a saved reply, just click on "Add a saved reply", right below the messenger box. 

From here you can search your saved replies by their names. If you want to see the full saved reply, head to Messages > Setup > Saved Replies.
From here you can view, edit and create saved replies.

To personalize your replies, you can easily copy paste your customer name by clicking on "Copy Name". 

Create a saved reply

To add saved replies, go to: 

E-Commerce > Messages > Setup > Saved Replies.  

There is no limit in the number of saved replies you can create.
Keep the name short but explanatory enough so you are able to find it quickly when you'll need to insert a saved reply. 

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