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Manage orders from Blackbell Mobile App
Manage orders from Blackbell Mobile App
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Blackbell mobile app lets you manage orders from your mobile.

  • Manage your orders from anywhere: View and accept customers’ orders, send quotes, collect payments, refund charges

  • Chat with your customers on the go: Respond to customers faster via in-app messaging

  • Send payment links: From existing customers of new ones

Scan orders with in-app QR Code Scanner

To easily retrieve a customer order, use the QR Code Scanner. 

A QR Code will be added to all your customers' emails (email on order placed, order being processed, order confirmed...)

Simply click on the QR Code Icon under the "Orders" mobile section and scan the QR Code. You will be able to instantly retrieve the order page. 

This can be especially useful for confirmed orders when a customer needs to come pick it up his purchase or simply use the service. 

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