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Blackbell lets you create influencer marketing campaigns straight from your back-office. 

The idea is the following: 

  • Create a special discount for your customers

  • Leverage and reward influencers for spreading the word 

  • Automate commissions' payments


Video Tutorial 

This video shows you in 3min the key steps to create and share an influencer campaign built on Blackbell. 


How to create an Influencer Campaign

Path: Influencer Marketing > My Influencer Campaigns > + New Campaign

Here is how you should fill the different campaign fields. 

Campaign Name

  • Internal Name: Internal only. 

Campaign Settings 

  • Discount for customers: Grant a discount to customers 

  • Commission for influencers: Grant a commission to influencers - Will only be paid if a sale is made

Campaign Description

  • Campaign Public Name: Name of your campaign. Will be displayed to influencers searching for campaigns to join

  • Campaign Description: Description of your campaign, Use this block to describe your business as well. 

Rules of Influencer Promo Codes


✅  But first, what is a Promo Code? 

To join your campaign, influencers will have to decide on their very own "Promo Code" to share to their audience. A Promo Code is specific to an influencer. Ex. an influencer can set his promo code to be "alban20"

From a customer's perspective, a "Promo Code" works like a regular "Coupon" but has a very important difference.

  • Like a coupon, a promo code can be applied by a customer at check-out to redeem a discount...

  • ... but it also grants a commission to the influencer who shared it

  • Also, like coupons, influencer promo codes have expiry date and redemption rules. 


So, when setting up your campaign, you must decide how the influencers promo codes will work. 

  • Global limit: How many times can your promotion be redeemed ACROSS ALL customers 

  • Limit per customer: How many times can the promotion be redeemed PER customer

  • Expiration: Set an expiration date. Past this date, influencer codes can't be used. 

  • Services: Can this code be applied to one, a few, all services? 

Campaign Summary


How to share a campaign to an influencer

You know influencers willing to promote your services? Great! 

Here is how influencers can join your campaign and start promoting your offers. 

Step 1: They must download the Blackbell Promote application. 

Only available on iOS for now. Download link →

Step 2: They must connect their Transferwise Account

To get paid, influencers must connect their Transferwise account to their Blackbell account. About Transferwise →

Step 3: They must find your campaign 

Share your campaign code and campaign name with your influencers. They will easily find your campaign under the list of available campaigns ("Explore" section)

Step 4: They must create a Promo Code

Before sharing your offers, influencers must choose a Promo Code that customers will use to redeem their discounts. 

Step 5: They can share your offers! 

Influencers can easily share your offers with our "Share button". Links include the promo code so customer discounts are auto applied.

✅ Your campaigns will by default be displayed to all influencers working with Blackbell. 


How to track sales

From your campaign page, track all redeemed offers...

... and understand which influencer is performing the most. 

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