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Online payment: Transferwise explained
Online payment: Transferwise explained
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Blackbell lets you collect online payments via Transferwise. An email address is enough to get you going.
This is an extremely simple and powerful solution to accept payments on Blackbell. 

This method is highly recommended as no business details are requested and the setup is 1 min! 


About the setup

From your Blackbell back-office (E-Commerce > Manage > Setup > Online Payment), enter the email address and the currency you want us to send your payouts to. 

Already using Transferwise? Enter the email address of your Transferwise account so we can instantly send your money to your account.


About the flow to receive your money 

After you receive your 1st order, here is the flow to collect your payouts. 

1 - You receive an email asking you to complete your transfer

2 - You add your bank account

3 - Blackbell instantly sends you the money

4 - From your Transferwise dashboard, you can see the history of payments from Blackbell

5 - From Blackbell back-office, you can also see the history of transfers



Who can open a Transferwise account? 

Anyone. You only need an email and a password to get started. Transferwise is open to individuals and businesses.

What countries are supported? 

We can send money to the following countries. 

Do you charge fees to transfer money to my Transferwise account? 

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