There are multiple actions you can perform on a page. 

Publish a page / Mark as draft

A page is by default in "draft" mode, meaning none of your visitors can see it. A draft page can only be visible by logged-in team members.
To publish it, go to Page > Visibility and tick the box to turn your page live. Untick to restore as draft. 

Archive a page / Restore a page

From the list of pages, you can quickly archive a page by clicking on the "archive icon"

All your archived pages can be viewed and restored using the filters under "My pages". Simply click on "Restore" on the list of pages.

Duplicate a page

Easily duplicate a page by clicking on "Duplicate" on the list of pages.

Permanently delete a page

To permanently delete a page, you must first archive the page then delete it by clicking on "Delete Page".

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