The Basics

What is Blackbell Promote? 

Blackbell Promote is an influencer marketing platform connecting influencers to businesses using Blackbell to sell their services & products.


Get rewarded for your creativity by working with brands you like on social media!
Simply join a campaign and start sharing. You’ll earn commissions automatically each time your followers buy from your unique affiliate link.

Who can be an influencer? 

Anyone! Whether you are a business or an individual, you can be an influencer. As long as you feel you can make an impact via your social networks, you are welcome!

How to start? 

Simply download our iOS Blackbell Promote App. Browse available campaigns and start sharing! 

Do you have an Android Promoter Application? 

At the moment, the Blackbell Promoter app is only available on the Apple Store. Our Android version is coming out soon. 



What is a "Campaign"? 

When a business using Blackbell wants to leverage influencers to promote his offers, he can create an "Influencer Campaign". To do so, the business must set, among others: 

- The services / products he wants to include is his campaign
- A special discount for the customer
- The commission for the influencer who's generated the sale, when a sale is made

How to join a campaign? 

Download the iOS Blackbell Promote App. Under "Explore", browse all the campaigns available. Select the one that you feel sharing to your community. 

Why do I need to define a "Promo Code" to activate a campaign? 

Before joining a campaign, you'll be asked to create a unique "Promo Code" that you'll share to your community. It is your very own promo code. That way, we know YOU were the one sharing the campaign and the commission will go directly to your account.
Pick something simple but explanatory.
Ex. For example, Marie10 if customers get a 10% discount with your referral! 

Can I get paid per post rather than per sale? 

Not through Blackbell. We want to help businesses measure the real impact of influencers. This is why, we have choses to pay influencers only when a sale is made with their affiliate link. 



How do I share a product to my community?

 The moment you are ready to share a product / service to your community, simply click on the share icon and get your direct affiliate link. The link can instantly be shared to your community.
The structure of the link is the following:
Your followers will automatically get their discounts applied at checkout 🚀

To be on the safe side, make sure to also share your Promo Code on your post and highlight the discount to customers! 



How much am I getting paid to promote a service? 

Each organization decides how much to share with you. Your commission is a % of the value of the sale.
As an example, if one of your followers purchases a $100 scarf using your promo code and if the commission was set to 10%, you'll get paid $10 (excluding fees)

Can I negotiate a higher commission rate with the business?

 Not through Blackbell. Commissions levels are fixed and cannot be negotiated through the platform.

When am I getting paid my commission? 

Instantly! The moment a customer pays for a service using your affiliate link, your commission will instantly be paid to you. 

Where does the money go?

Simply setup your payouts under the Settings of your account. 

Am I charged any fees? 

You are charged 2 types of fees. 



I have an issue... How can I reach out to the support team? 

You can chat with us anytime via the messenger of this page or by emailing

I haven't received my money... Should I reach the organization? 

No. Get in touch directly with Blackbell and we'll sort this out! 

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