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Create a smart folder
Create a smart folder
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A smart folder consists of a collection of pages around a specific topic and specific tags.
Folders must be created from the "Folder" section in CMS. They can then be added to any page. 

Path: E-Commerce > Manage > Setup > Smart folders

How it works

It is all about tagging ! Smart folders will automatically load pages tagged similarly to them. 

  • You must associate tags to a smart folder

  • All pages tagged with the same tags will be AUTOMATICALLY added to this smart folder. 

What it looks like

Block of multiple folders 

Focus on the "Dining" folder : Here is what a user will see when opening the "Dining" folder

How to create a smart folder

▶︎ Quick path: E-Commerce > Manage > Setup > Smart Folders 

Smart folder elements: Smart folders are all made of a name (visible on folder thumbnails), an image (visible both on the thumbnail and inside the folder page), an icon, a long name, a tagline, tags and pages (visible inside the folder page).

Dining smart folder

Associate a page to a smart folder: There are 2 ways to associate a page to a smart folder: 

  • Automatic: A page will instantly be added to a smart folder if the page is tagged with a tag that is associated to the smart folder. (To tag a page go to Page > Discovery)

  • Manual: Manually add a page to a smart folder from the smart folder editor

How to make a folder visible in your website 

Once you've created a  folder, you can add it to any page of your website.

⚠️   A folder won't be visible until you include it manually into a page. 

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