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Blackbell lets you very simply sell your services. 

Service page

Quick add to order

For each service you create, you will be able to manage:

  • The content: edit the product or service description, add informative or illustrative blocks and define precise booking steps for a seamless booking experience

  • The related alerts: select the operational department(s) to notify about orders

  • The related calendars: to retrieve live availabilities and add bookings on your team's calendars

  • The billing method: decide to charge online of offline for a service 

How to start 

  • First, you must setup your E-Commerce store settings (under Setup) and define your services default settings, that should apply to all your products and services: Quick path: Content > Setup > Default settings

  • Then, to start adding products and services to your platform, go to : Quick path: Content > Services

  • Once services are created, you can add them to your platform. Your services do not have to be included in ONE page only. They can be added to multiple pages for better conversion. 

Video Tuto

Steps to successfully build your services

  • Think your booking steps through. When a service is created, try to book it yourself to make sure you requested the good information and none are missing

  • Decide on the payment method ahead. Do you want to charge offline or online? Setup accordingly

  • Create your departments BEFORE your services to properly set alerts


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