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Set price, billing and alerts for a service / product
Set price, billing and alerts for a service / product
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Each product has a dedicated section to setup basic parameters. This section is called "Setup".

When adding a product, you will be required to fill up this section.

You are free to edit it all time. 

About the sub-sections of the setup section


This is where you define the price of your product. 4 options exist

  • Free:  Product is free. Of course, a product can be free but you are can add paid options inside the booking steps. 

  • No base price: The "no base price" perfectly applies to services (rather than product) that do not have merchant value. Example: Housekeeping service request / Table booking request / Request more info...

  • With price: The product has a base price. Price will be visible to users.Obviously, additional options can be added as booking steps which will make total to be higher than product base price. 

  • By quote: Meaning you'll get back to customer with a firm quote. Use it when the price depends on specific parameters: distance / number of people / timing / size / number of items...

Linked plan

If you want to charge customers on a recurring basis, this is where you can link a plan you already created under Plans.
By ordering this service, customers will buy a subscription. 


Here, you define which departments should be alerted about new orders. 


Here you can link a service to one / multiple calendars so live availabilities are displayed as part of the booking process.
Learn more about calendars here. 

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