For those of you who build multiple platforms with Blackbell and want to use a common base, we've made it easy for you to : 

  • Export a Blackbell backup 
  • Import the backup file as a starting point for other Blackbell platforms

That way, you don't start from scratch and can use YOUR base to work. 

How to export a backup

▶︎ Quick path: E-Commerce > Settings > Utilities > Backup Export

  • Start by creating the frame of the 1st platform you want to use as a model. Create pages, services... 
  • Once done, export it as a backup > You will receive an email with a backup file. Save it as you will have to "import" it in your new platform

Email with the backup file


How to import a backup to a new Blackbell platform

  • Sign up to another Blackbell
  • As part of the onboarding, you'll be invited to setup some basic settings: terms, logo, color theme...
  • When you reach step "Template / backup import", select "Backup import" and import the backup file you have received


We currently do not support importing backup from other content builders

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