At Blackbell, we promote INTERACTION. That's why we've decided to remove all language barriers and make your platform available in many languages instantly ! 

To that end, we enable you to easily translate the initial content of your platform.

How to translate

2 options are available:

  • option 1: Our Magic Translate tool 

  • option 2: The Flag Switcher

Option 1: Google Magic "One-Click Translate" tool

Blackbell has partnered with Google to integrate their artificial intelligence technology (AI) → read this article to know more about this technology. 

This partnership allows you to translate in a few minutes only, ALL of the content of your platform.

▶︎ Path: E-Commerce > Manage > Setup > One Click Translation

ℹ️  This tool only translates pages that have been initially created in your platform (no translation of external service providers' pages).

$For what price? Just a few $ to translate thousands of words ! Check out the exact price on your platform. Your CC on file will automatically be debited.

⚠️  You need first to go live to be able to translate your content with this Google tool! 

Option 2: the Flag Switcher

  • When you add content to your platform, first add it in your preferred language.

  • In each block, use the "language switcher" to add content in another language. Just click on the flag to switch language. 

⚠️  The languages you'll see from the language switcher are the one you have activated from your languages settings section


Watch this short video (from 1'40) to learn how to translate content. 

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