If you’ve setup an online menu through Blackbird, you’re going to have online orders coming into your dispensary that will need to be picked up (either by a delivery driver or the customer themselves). MyBlackbird makes it easy to keep track of the orders that have come in and allows you to quickly process and double check them.

To process orders, you will need to have created at least one (1) Sales station. Click here to learn how to create Sales stations!

Draft, Saved, & Ready Orders

All orders that have been set to a Draft, Saved, or Ready status will live in this block.

Draft - Order processing has not yet begun.

Saved - Order is currently being processed and is being saved for later completion.

Ready - Order has been processed but not completed.

To complete an order that is in a Draft, Saved, or Ready status, simply select the Continue or Complete Order button. To learn more about processing orders, click here!

The Pending & Online Orders Dashboard includes robust search capabilities and filters to show only the orders that you need to currently view.

Search - Search for a specific customer's name. 

Origination - Where the order originated from (in store, online, etc). 

Station - Orders processed on a specific station. 

Type - Type of order (pick up, delivery, etc). 

Status - Status order is currently in (pending, draft, saved, ready). 

Exact Order Number - Unique number assigned to each individual order. This number can be found attached to all pending orders, completed orders, and on the order pick list

Online Orders

Orders placed online will initially appear on this dashboard as “Pending,” letting you know that they need to be physically assembled by someone on your staff.

Clicking the Start Order button will automatically take you to the order screen. 

From here, you can see what the customer ordered, in addition to any rewards the customer may be eligible for / rewards the customer has already redeemed, and begin assembling the package. To learn more about processing orders, click here!

Once the order is complete and ready to be picked up, your budtender (or whoever is filling the order) can go ahead and click the Ready button within the order. 

This will change the order’s status to Ready, so that whoever ends up interacting with the customer (or delivery driver) can quickly see that the order has already been assembled by someone else.

Pick-Up Orders

Once the customer arrives at your business to pick up their order, whoever interacts with them can return to the Pending Orders Block and click the Complete Order button next to the customers name to process payment. The completed order will automatically appear, and the staff member simply needs to click the Finish & Pay button to close out the order and receive final payment from the customer.

Delivery Orders

When the delivery driver arrives at your business to pick up the order, whoever interacts with them can return to the Pending Orders Block and see that the order has been made ready for delivery. They can then hand the physical order items over to the driver. Even though the driver will not be paying for the delivery up front, your budtender should still click the Complete Order button next to the customer's name and complete the order as normal and print the receipt. Cash for the transaction will then be delivered to the dispensary by Blackbird the following day. Click here to learn more about delivery best practices and here to learn more about tracking deliveries!

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That’s pretty much all there is to managing your online orders!

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