1. What is a discount?

  2. What are the different discount amount types?

  3. What are the different discount conditions?

  4. Can multiple discounts be used together, also known as 'discount stacking'?

  5. Discount Stacking Configurations

  6. Promo Codes and Discount Stacking

  7. Rewards and Discount Stacking

To access your discounts, you must first navigate to the Settings & Configuration Block and then select the Discounts Block. 

What is a discount?

A discount is just as it sounds: a deduction from an order total. For Blackbird, it can be a percentage off or dollar amount off from the order total. 

What are the different discount amount types?

There are two configurations available to determine the amount that will be taken off due to the discount application:

Percentage Off

The percentage off configuration will allow you to set a percentage that will be taken off of the order when applied. For example, a discount could have a percentage amount type as 10% and when applied, 10% would be taken off the subtotal.

Dollar Amount Off

This allows you to specify a set dollar amount that will be deducted when the discount is applied. An example of this would be $5 off. When applied, $5 would be deducted from the subtotal.  

What are the different discount conditions?

These conditions (or configurations) allow you to specify when and how a discount can be used. This provides flexibility in creating discounts that may require additional conditions before they can be used, as opposed to having discounts that can be applied all the time.

When a discount is applied to an order (MyBlackbird) or a cart (BlackbirdGo) that has conditions specified, the consumer will only be blocked from submitting the order if the discount conditions are not met. This means that they will still be able to browse and add items even if the conditions of the discount are not met, but will be instructed as to why they cannot place the order if the conditions are still not met at the time the order is completed. None of the conditions are required, but optional to enhance the functionality if desired. The conditions that are supported are detailed below:

Minimum Subtotal - This configuration allows you to specify that a certain subtotal must be met for an order before the order is eligible for the discount.

Example: Spend $200, get $20 off, where the customer is incentivized to spend a certain amount of money in order to receive the discount.

Limit per Customer - Setting a limit per customer on a discount prevents customers from being able to abuse discounts.

 Example: If there is a discount for new customers on their first order, it would not be desirable that a customer could use this discount more than one time.

Start/End At- Configure the discount start and end date of which it will be available. This is optional to enter.

Example: A dispensary may be running a promotion for a holiday weekend and wants to create a 30% Off discount that can only be used during the holiday weekend.

On your online menu, product cards will list the discount expiration date. This lets shoppers know to order before the end of the discount.

Days Available - While this has a similar name to Start/End At, it differs in the fact that it allows you to select the days of the week the discount is active on. Where Start/End At sets a one-time date range for usage, this configuration allows for ongoing usage on specific days of the week.

Example: If a dispensary had a weekly promotion on Saturdays where all concentrate products were half off. They could create a category discount for the Concentrate category where the available days is set only to Saturday. Then, every Saturday this discount would be available for usage, but not on any other day. The system will default the available days to all days of the week unless updated by the user.

Online Availability - This setting allows you to determine whether or not the discount can be utilized by customers submitting online orders. When 'available online' is selected, customers with the discount code could use the discount on online orders they place. If a discount is applied to a cart online, it will come through to the order in MyBlackbird.

Can multiple discounts be used together, also known as 'discount stacking'?

Discount Stacking refers to limitations, if any, on how many discounts can be applied/combined in one cart. Configuration of Discount Stacking is restricted to Organization-level users. When logged in at the Org level, select the Discounts Block and click on the new notification at the top of the page.

You must select one (1) of the discount-staking configurations. However, regardless of the rule, we will always default to the discount which offers the shopper the most discount.

Discount Stacking Configurations

Stacking Configuration



How it looks in a cart

No Stacking Rules

All discounts can be combined without limitation

All aboard the discount train! All welcome!

All available discounts are applied without stacking restriction (current build)

One Discount Per Item

Each line item can receive one discount

If product X can qualify for a brand discount and a category discount, only one can apply.

Each item can receive a discount, but only one discount per item. The Blue Dream flower qualifies for both a category and a brand discount, however only the brand category discount is applied, as it takes the most off original price

One Discount Per Cart

Only one discount can be applied across all line items

Regardless of the number of potential discounts across all items, only one discount can be applied per cart.

Even though both items have discounts, only one can be applied per cart

Even though the stacking is restricted to one discount per cart, this discount can still apply to multiple items in a cart.

What about Promo Codes and Discount Stacking?

Discount Stacking rules relate to behavior of automatically applied discounts. Regardless of the configuration selected (One Discount Per Item or One Discount Per Cart), the best discount for the shopper will be automatically applied and there is no way for the shopper to change the selection.

There is a caveat to this, which is Promo Codes. Since promo codes are manually entered (as opposed to being automatically applied), we allow shoppers to choose either using their promo code (their cart will be recalculated) or removing the promo code to return to the original cart.

What about Rewards and Discount Stacking?

Rewards redemptions are outside of the scope of stacking rules. In other words, any rules/limitations on rewards are within the rewards offering itself and not on combining rewards with discounts in a cart.

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