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Marketing via MMS text messaging yields higher engagement and return than other common marketing strategies like email. Connect allows you to send or schedule targeted text messages so you can send relevant content to your customers at the right time using photos

Connect Messages

Connect messages can be viewed on your Connect dashboard. To access your Connect dashboard, first select the Customer Center Block and then choose the Connect Block. Here, you will see all drafted and sent messages. 

Creating Connect SMS Messages

First, click the Connect button to open your dashboard. Next, select the + Create Message button. This opens the Edit Message modal on the right side of the screen.
Here, you will be prompted to complete the rest of the fields in the form. 

Message Name - A quick way to identify the campaign when you’re viewing the list of all sent or drafted campaigns, as well as for referencing analytics. Customers will not see this in their text messages. 

Recipient List - Customers you wish to send the message to. Select All Subscribers to message everyone in your customer center that’s opted into messaging. To send a more targeted message, select from a List

Please Note: Once your Recipient List has been selected, the estimated reach will update accordingly. This is the estimated amount of customers reached by this campaign and actual reach can fluctuate slightly based on carrier guidelines or instances where a phone was out of service or texts.

Add an Image to Your Message (MMS)

You can add an image to your message. To do so, simply select the green Upload button and select the file you would like to attach. 

Some important details to note about MMS, or including an image in your Connect message:

Image placement - The image will appear after your text and/or shortlink that's been included in the message. You are only able to send one (1) image per message.

Image type - We support .PNG, .JPG, and .PDF images not exceeding 10 MB. Images that fall outside of these standards will show an error message and not be uploaded.

Image sizing - The maximum file size that can be upload to a message is 0.5MB. Preventing larger images from sending has been shown to improve Connect campaigns' deliverability.

Image formatting - You now have the ability to only send an image in the message, rather than including additional text as well. If a shortlink has also been appended to your message, clicking the image will redirect the customer to the same address your shortlink redirects to. 

Image segments - MMS is considered an add-on to Connect and is charged at a higher rate than regular SMS messaging. If you have any questions related to billing, please reach out to your Client Services Advisor. 

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