1. Tracked Inventory

  2. Untracked Inventory

  3. POS Integrations

The Blackbird platform allows for two different inventory management types: Tracked or Untracked Inventory. Depending on the type of subscription plan you have as Software Client, your point-of-sale, and various operational procedures already in place at your facility, this will determine the ways in which you manage your inventory in the system. 

Tracked Inventory

Tracked inventory is available for those who use MyBlackbird as a point-of-sale, not just as an online order processor. Retailers use MyBlackbird to manage all of your products and inventory that you have purchased from wholesalers, as well as make those products available for purchase by consumers.

Using tracked inventory and MyBlackbird as a point-of-sale provides a holistic, all-in-one solution to managing your product inventory, fulfilling orders, completing deliveries, and retaining customers. 

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Untracked Inventory

Untracked Inventory is available for a retailer who either does not use the MyBlackbird POS or uses a POS that Blackbird is not integrated with. 

Untracked inventory requires you to manually create and manage your products and inventory levels within MyBlackbird. Untracked inventory is not tracked (as the name implies), so it doesn’t pull from a stock or quantity from another platform and instead has an infinite quantity.

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POS Integrations

POS integrations are available for retailers who have a third-party point-of-sale, separate from the MyBlackbird POS. A POS integration allows for a connection between the your third-party POS inventory and the BlackbirdGo menus. This means that the inventory that’s entered into your third-party POS is sent automatically to Blackbird. Depending on the POS, information such as price, weight, and test levels will also be sent. 

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