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We’ve recreated menus with more neutral colors, making it a more seamless embed on your site. Customers shopping on your menu will immediately notice the updated look, ability to filter by price and THC percentage, as well as the new option to search by brand, making their time on your digital dispensary more in-line with other online shopping experiences. 

Product Cards

Each product card on your menu has more information on cannabinoid percentages. Terpene information for each product is reflected when available on the product page itself. Additionally, products are displayed by lowest size available first making it easier for your customers to shop by price-per-gram.

In addition to more information, each product on your menu has a unique link. That means that you can send a direct link to products you want to highlight in marketing campaigns, like the ones sent through Blackbird’s Customer Center. Recipients who open the URL will open directly to that product and be able to easily add the item to their cart.

If you have products you want to bring some extra attention to, whether because they're on special, just arrived to your dispensary, or you want to give them some extra attention, you can now feature those products on your menu. Featured Products gives your customers easy access to the products you want them to take home. 

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If you are on a Connect plan, your customers can now subscribe to Connect messaging directly from the BlackbirdGo menu. Customers are given the option to sign up for Connect via the information tab or from the order or the confirmation screen in the cart. This subscription option will also appear on the sign-up flow if someone is signing up via a the menu embed from on your own website. 

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Loyalty & Rewards

If you have a loyalty program enabled, your loyalty program and available rewards will display on this new tab. Your customers will be able to see their point balance, rewards they’re eligible for, and how many points until they reach the next tier of your loyalty program. When a customer chooses a reward from this page, the corresponding item and discount is automatically reflected in their cart. The best part is, this information pulls directly from your Loyalty program within the MyBlackbird platform, so no extra work for you and your team.

Additionally, the cart has Suggested Rewards. When a customer has items in their cart and enough points to be eligible for a reward, that reward will be suggested to them automatically in the cart before check-out.  

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Order History

Customers who shop your menu have the option to see their complete order history. This is great for helping customers remember the brands and products they love, making for a more complete online shopping experience.

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Verify Your Way

You have the option to verify your way! Customers placing in-store pickup orders from your menu are not required to be verified by a member of the Blackbird team before they can place an order. Of course, if you still want us to check IDs at the digital door, we can pre-verify customers for you as well. 

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