1. What does it mean to have a white-label menu?

  2. What does this mean for my menu on Blackbird?

  3. How do I set up my white-label menu?

  4. Troubleshooting

What does it mean to have a white-label menu?

A white-label menu provides you with a menu that feels like an extension of your business and brand without reference to Blackbird.

Key Features of a White Label Menu

Consolidate Customer Touch Points

  • The menu tab will display your online menu, including products and specials available

  • The posts tab will display all posts published within your marketplace listing

  • The rewards tab will display your customers' loyalty point balances and available rewards

  • The info tab will display your store's location information, including address and & contacts

Custom Coloring Options

  • You can set your brand color to be used on the menu for buttons, selections, filters and accents

  • Allows you more control over your menu aesthetic and ‘feel’

  • Allows for a more seamless customer experience and creates a menu look that will fit in better with the rest of the client’s website

No Blackbird Logo

  • Blackbird logo is replaced with a Home button that links back to the client’s website homepage

  • Provides a menu experience that is more seamlessly integrated with the rest of the client’s website

  • Contributes to clients desire to provide a menu that feels like an extension of their own business

No Reference to Blackbird in the URL

  • The URL is based on your business name, and not an extension of BlackbirdGo

  • The URL also contains the keywords ‘dispensary’ and ‘menu’ which will help boost search results

What does this mean for my menu on Blackbird?

Luckily, the BlackbirdGo menu and the white-label menu are essentially the same thing. However, the biggest difference is simply the look and feel of each menu. Your BlackbirdGo menu will continue to live on the marketplace where customers can place orders, and your white-label menu will live on your company website where customers can place the same orders.

How do I set up my white-label menu?

Once your menu has been created, you will be provided the URL for your white-label menu. If you need the URL again at any point, you just need to add your menu slug + dispensary.menu! You can retrieve your menu slug from your menu on the BlackbirdGo marketplace.

For example, if you navigate to the BlackbirdGo marketplace and find your menu, you will see your menu slug in the URL. See below:

The highlighted portion shows that Blackbird-Sandbox-Dispensary is the menu slug. To generate a white-label menu for the Blackbird Sandbox Dispensary, you would simply need to make the URL blackbird-sandbox-dispensary.dispensary.menu.

Next, simply link the white-label URL to the menu button on your website!

Home Button

Traditionally, the Home button is set up to redirect customers back to your website homepage. However, if you would like to change this so that the button redirects to another page on your website, feel free to reach out to the Support team! We will be able to submit a request on your behalf to have that link updated.

Branding & Coloring

With a white-label menu, you now have the ability to customize the menu with your own company branding and coloring. You can edit this by navigating to the Settings & Configurations Block, and then select the Business Settings Block. From here, you will have the option to update your brand color and company logo.


The URL name doesn’t match the Menu Name

This happens when the name of the menu is changed, but the slug of the menu is not updated. Feel free to reach out to the Support team about this! We will be able to submit a request on your behalf to have that name updated.

404 Error Message When Linking to Menu

If you are receiving a 404 error on your menu page, this means that you are using the incorrect URL. To confirm the correct URL, simply find the slug in the Menu Configuration and insert into this structure: [menu-slug].dispensary.menu.

Consumers Signing Up on a White Label Menu Receives Message that Email is Already in Use

This occurs if the consumer has signed up for BlackbirdGo previously. Even though the menu is white labeled, and does not reference BlackbirdGo, it is the same thing. This may cause confusion for newer users, but all they need to do it login with their existing Blackbird username and password and place orders as normal.

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