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To access your custom automated SMS notifications, you must first navigate to the Business Settings Block and then select the Notifications Block.

Customizing Automated SMS Notifications

Message Notifications Copy

You are able to customize exactly what your automated message notifications say, overriding the default text copy. By typing directly into the text copy box, you can configure messages to your preference.

Additionally, you are able to include certain variables, such as Customer Name or Merchant Name. The message variables allow for some personalization of the message copy even though the message body is the same every time. If you would like to include the customer's name in the message, add the Customer Name variable. Similarly, if you would like your location's name in the message, add the Merchant Name variable.

Enabling/Disabling Message Notifications

All notifications will be enabled by default. To enable or disable a text message from automatically sending to one of your customers, simply toggle the Enabled button. If the button is blue, this means that the text message is enabled, and if it is grey, then this means that is has been disabled.

Message Notifications Segments

The amount of segments will depend on the character count of your message. Segments are billed individually, and you can read more about how segments affect your billing here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I edit or disable the Connect TCPA Subscription message?

This message cannot be edited or disabled for compliance reasons, as both Blackbird and your company are required to send this message to each customer who subscribes to receive Connect marketing messages.

Why can't I edit the On the Way message?

This message cannot be edited or disabled because it is directly related to Blackbird home delivery services. If Blackbird is completing home delivery orders on your behalf, this message is required to be sent to customers so that they know when to except our arrival.

Do my customers have to opt-in or subscribe to receive notifications?

Nope! Any notifications that are triggered by a transactional event (ex. redeeming a reward) do not require customers to be subscribed. As a general rule, no subscription is required for transactional notifications.

Do notification segments count against my segment bundle allotment?

Yes. If the customer has purchased a texting allotment, any automated notification segments will count against the allotment, and contribute to overages if the client has used their entire allotment. IF the client does not have an allotment, segment usage will be billed at the pay-as-you-go rate. Click here to read more about segments & billing.

Can customers reply to the automated notifications?

Yes! All replies to a notification message will be routed into your Message Center, where staff can view and reply to all incoming messages from customers. Click here to read more about two-way messaging!

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