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What are Service Windows?

Pickup and delivery windows (also known as ‘service windows') enable menu clients to optimize their order processing workflows by allowing their customers to choose a time slot when placing an online order. Simply put, customers shopping online can choose the pickup or delivery time window for their order and the dispensary can prioritize and fill orders according to their windows.

A menu is all that is needed to begin utilizing this feature! It is worth noting that window settings will only be available for pickup and delivery when those ordering options are enabled. For example, delivery windows will not be available for configuration if online delivery is not available for the menu.

Service Windows Key Features

  • Create a better customer experience. Your customers will be more satisfied with their online ordering experience when allowed to order flexibly for times that work for their schedule.

  • Enhance customer satisfaction. Your customers will have a more positive experience when they know what to expect! Easily guide customer expectations by providing options that allow customers to feel in control of their order. No longer will customers place orders and have to wait for updated information about when to expect it. All relevant information for the order is provided at the time the order is placed.

  • Reduce barriers for customers ordering online. Your customers no longer have to plan their orders ahead of time and ensure they are available for order updates and ETAs as they happen. Orders can be placed any time with the flexibility of scheduling.

  • Optimize order fulfillment workflows. Incoming orders have a clear priority, allowing your dispensary staff to fulfill orders in a more timely and efficient manner. Take the guesswork out of order fulfillment and give staff the time needed to accurately fill orders.

  • Staff appropriately. With flexible configurations, you will have control over how many orders you accept online and when. By providing confidence in the incoming order volume, you can staff effectively for both busier and slower times.

  • Works for Curbside Pickup! For those that aim to limit the number of people inside the physical store, windows are a great option to implement curbside pickup. Pick Up windows can be configured according to the desired window length.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the service windows display on the BlackbirdGo marketplace, white label menus, and/or the BBGo menu I have embedded on my own website?

Yes! When configured in MyBlackbird, service windows will be available on the BlackbirdGo marketplace, as well as any white label or embedded menu. For more info about white label menus, click here.

Where will service windows appear on my menu?

A window will appear on the menu at the time specified in the Starts Accepting Orders field on the window configuration. As soon as the window is visible on the menu, it will start accepting orders.

Can I change a customer's selected service window after their order has already been placed?

Once a window is selected by the customer, the window cannot be changed on the order. This is to preserve the request of the customer, and honor the plans the customer has made to pick up the order or be available for the delivery in the time allotted.

How can I utilize service windows for curbside pick up?

To use the service windows for curbside pick up, simply set up your pick up windows as desired and update the copy for the Pickup Order Notifications to include pick up instructions when your customers arrive at your dispensary. This can be done using the Pickup Order Placed confirmation notification or the Pickup Order Ready notification. For example:

  • Pick up order placed confirmation: Your pickup order has been received! {{merchant_name}} will begin filling your order. Your order will be ready for you to pickup at {{service_window}}. Please give us a call when you arrive at the dispensary to pick up your order. We will bring your order out to you. Thank you!

  • Order is ready for pick up: Your order has been fulfilled! Please pickup your order at {{merchant_name}} at {{service window}}. Please give us a call when you arrive at the dispensary to pick up your order. We will bring your order out to you. Thank you!

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