1. Managing Service Windows

  2. Online Orders with Service Windows

To manage, edit, or delete service windows for your online menu, first navigate to your Settings & Configurations and select the Online Menu Block.

Managing Service Windows

Once a window is available for customers to select on BlackbirdGo, the window time settings are no longer editable and the window cannot be deleted.

This is because once there are orders within a scheduled time slot, the times set for those are honored. However, to work around this, the order limit can be adjusted at any time after the window opens.

You can also disable the active window at any time, which will make it unavailable to customers online. These options may be helpful for times when you receive more orders than you expected in the window, have a staff shortage or experience a technical difficulty in your dispensary.

Editing Service Windows

You can edit service windows up until the window opens for ordering on the menu (Starts Accepting Orders). To do so, simply select the window for editing and adjust the settings as needed.

You can make adjustments to individual windows, or all repeating windows, as well. If you would to delete a repeating window, you will have the option to delete only the window for that date, or delete all repeating windows in the future.

Removing Service Windows

You can delete service windows up until the window opens for ordering on the menu (Starts Accepting Orders).

Removing windows on a single date without removing all the repeating windows is useful to account for holidays and dispensary staff events. For example, if you were going to be closed for New Year’s Day, you could remove the windows for that day only, without having to reconfigure their entire window schedule.

Online Orders with Service Windows

You will have insight into the window a customer selected throughout the order fulfillment process. By having an understanding of the order windows early on in the process, you can prioritize their fulfillment process and efficiently manage your online orders.

Once a window is selected by the customer, the window cannot be changed on the order. This is to preserve the request of the customer, and honor the plans the customer has made to pick up the order or be available for the delivery in the time allotted.

Pending Online Orders

You will be able to see if there is a delivery or pickup service window on an order within the Service Window column. This can be used to determine which orders should be filled right away and which have time to be filled later.

Open Online Order

When an order is open, you will be able to see the service window directly within the order itself.

Delivery Order Details

You can also reference the delivery window on the delivery record itself. When you navigate to the Shipping & Delivery Management Block, and then choose the Delivery Tracking Block, the service window will display for reference.

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