Blackbox History Autocomplete is built to make software developers faster while writing code.

As developers we may repeat code snippets several times in our code base.

With Blackbox History Autocomplete, you won’t have to write these code snippets several times.

Blackbox will automatically suggest the right code to use based on your coding pattern. Once you downloaded Blackbox on your VS Code, here are the steps you have to follow to turn any question into code:

Step1: Open the Command Palette

Step2: Click on “Enable Blackbox Autocomplete”Here is a short video demo showcasing how it works.(VIDEO)

The difference between this feature and Blackbox Autocomplete is very simple:This feature is purely based on your coding pattern and will suggest the same lines that you already wrote in your codebase.That’s it!

Now you can focus on coding and BLACKBOX AI is here to make the right suggestions to make you code 10X faster!

Extension for Visual Studio Code - Code as fast as you think

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