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How Does WineCollective Work?
How Does WineCollective Work?

No contracts. No membership fees. No cancellation fees. No minimums.

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No, this is not a contract. Contracts are for cell phone companies! There are no minimum terms, no startup fees, and no cancellation fees. 

When you sign up, you will pay for your first delivery right away. You will receive your first delivery in the middle of the month, in the month following your initial purchase. For example, if you sign up in June, you will pay for your first package when you sign up, and you will receive that first package in mid-July. The payment for your subsequent monthly shipments will be automatically processed on the 15th of each month, for the following month's package.  

You can cancel your subscription through your online account at any time, and you will only receive the packages you have already paid for. You can also skip your upcoming charge date or put your subscription on pause for up to three months if you are going away or would like a break. 

Be sure to make any changes to your subscription before the 15th of the month if you do not wish to receive the following month's package.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us. We would be happy to help!

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