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Can I Choose Which Wines Go Into My Package?
Can I Choose Which Wines Go Into My Package?

Can I request a type of wine in my package? I don't want any of this type of wine.

Updated over a week ago

At this time, we don't offer customized subscription packages for our members. The idea behind WineCollective is that we source hard-to-find, rare or small-batch wines that are not widely available all across Canada. We preselect the wines that go into each package because the idea of joining WineCollective is to expand your horizons by trying new regions/varietals/styles from exciting wineries and winemakers that you may not have been able to try otherwise. We know that everyone has certain preferences, either in country, style, or varietal, but we take great pride in our selection process and we are confident that you will enjoy our picks!ย 

Keep in mind that you are welcome to shop in our online store if you would like to sample specific selections.

If you would prefer to select your own wines instead of receiving the monthly shipment we select, our Ultimate Choice Membership may be perfect for you! In the Ultimate Choice Membership, you sign up and pay only $10/month to receive full access to our online store and discounted, member pricing on all products. You can place your store orders at any time and they will be shipped within the week Monday-Friday. If you're interested in this type of membership, you can learn more and sign up here.

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