Sending A Gift

How to purchase a gift for someone

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Thank you for considering WineCollective! You can find all of our regular gift subscription options here. All of our gifts can be gifted for 1-12 months.

When placing a gift order we will require the following information:

The recipient's name

The recipient's email address

The recipient's shipping address (including unit numbers and buzzcodes if applicable)

The recipient's phone number

The base shipping costs are already included in our package pricing, however, depending on where you are shipping the package, additional shipping fees may apply. You will see any applicable charges populate in the checkout, once you have entered the shipping address before you complete your payment. Taxes will also be applied to your purchase depending on the postal code you enter with the shipping address, as we must charge the appropriate provincial taxes according to where our packages are being shipped.

When making the purchase, you can choose to include a personalized message for the gift recipient in their Welcome Email. Additionally, you can choose a date in the month before their first package arrives for the delivery of their welcome email.

Upon completion of your purchase, you will have created an account for yourself as well as a separate account for your gift recipient using the email that was entered during sign-up. While logged in to their account, your gift recipient will have access to our online store where they receive member perks as well as discounted prices for as long as their gift is active.

The recipient will also receive a Heads Up Email on the 1st of the month, that will advise when their package is expected to ship, cutoff dates for any address or courier changes as well as delay requests. Tracking emails will be sent to the purchaser, so we encourage you to forward the tracking information to your recipient so they are aware of their pending delivery.

Since gifts are all paid in full and in advance, once the last package is sent, the gift is considered complete and there is no need to cancel.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have further questions!

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