When Will My Gift Ship?

I just bought a gift, when will they receive their first delivery?

Updated over a week ago

Firstly, thanks for giving the gift of great wine! 

Once the order is placed, your recipient will get their first package halfway into the following month.

We send an email to the recipient on the 1st of the month letting them know that we're preparing a gift package for them and when to expect it so they can let us know if they need to delay shipment because of vacation, etc.

Please let your gift recipient know to check their junk/spam mail folder as many of our emails end up there the first time around.

Once the package is en route, we will send an email to the purchaser with the tracking information. We encourage you to forward this email to your gift recipient so they are aware of their pending delivery.

If they can't stand the wait and are getting too thirsty dreaming of their new bottles of wine - they do have full access to our online store, where they can shop with member pricing — even before their first shipment! Our wine store ships daily, Monday to Friday, and is stocked with previous features and some of our favourite bottles from around the world.

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